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About Tommy

Designer Maker
Artist & Musician
Working in Galway, Ireland
Tommy Carew-30.jpg

Graceful, sculpted form and modern design are the focus of Tommy’s work.

Working in wood, Tommy brings with him generations of experience of working with this medium which he says, “defines who I am”.

Tommy’s earliest memories of engaging with the creative process are from early childhood play with hardwood off-cuts in his father’s workshop. He also vividly remembers, as a very young child, tracing over the layouts of floral patterns of 19th Century Arts and Crafts Textile Designers

Tommy draws inspiration from nature and its effortless beauty. His sculptural expression attempts to reflect this beauty resulting in the form of classic, timeless responses with a contemporary aesthetic.

Tommy is a graduate of the prestigious National Centre for Excellence in Furniture Design and Technology at Letterfrack, Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. Here he developed very fine craftsmanship skills and a keen interest in modern design. During his studies he began to develop his own design language and he set about exploring and experimenting to affirm his own creative process.

After graduation Tommy spent over a decade teaching woodwork while also developing his own style. A move from Limerick to Galway city saw him leave teaching and set up his own studio in 2015.

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