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The effortless beauty of nature

'Sculpting the birds brings me to the still and calm of nature, not only through subject matter but also through process and material. To create these organic forms I mainly use a spoke-shave, which is the first tool that I handled as a 10 year old boy in my father’s workshop. This reconnects me to a very intuitive making process.' 

The Lovebirds display sensitivity to sculptural form, an appreciation of the effortless beauty of nature and also a deep understanding of the natural material. Sculpted from walnut with a natural oil finish, the Lovebirds are handmade to order.

Please contact Tommy Carew Design for order information. 

€250 per pair (+postage)

Lovebirds Family American Black Walnut O
Lovebirds and chick.jpg
Lovebirds American Black Walnut 3.jpg
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